Mobile Office Desks Usage In Ford Trucks

With the need for information and communication in industry moving at light speed, there is a growing demand for mobile technology. The solution is a truck desk laptop mounting solution.

Truck laptop desks attach to the existing passenger seat bolts, and fits in all the Super Duty trucks including the F-250, F-350, F-450 and the F-550. This will provide a sturdy, durable work environment so the user can maintain the luxury of having the required data at their fingertips, and creates a mobile office environment. With this application there is no need for drilling screws or using brace legs for stability. The engineering design to this mount enables the truck laptop desk to mount to the front two passenger seat bolts and does not interfere with foot space. The mount can be easily installed by one person with the aid of a ratchet set. Once the base is in place the vertical tube and rod can be positioned and tightened with the ease of a ratchet handle.

Almost all feature an extension rod which enables the desktop to clear any center console. An articulating arm is then attached which extends horizontally for driver convenience. The main desktop is constructed of durable ABS plastic and can pivot up to 90 degrees, and turns 360 degrees for optimumal positioning. It comes with foam pads which have several advantages. One is shock absorption or vibration dampening while driving, and another is creating passive air flow for the cooling fans. The pads also ensure that the laptop will not slide around on the desktop while traveling.

To further personalize the application, an array of accessories is available, such as a Screen holder for those using GPS or mapping software. Cell Phone or PDA Holders, and lights are also popular additions. Since the base is under the seat, and the vertical assembly comes up beside the left leg of the passenger, space is not lost. Either the driver or passenger can use the laptop due to the hundreds of positions the desktop can be set at. The range of motion is controlled by self-ratcheting handles on all of the pivot points. The positions are changed easily and quickly with this unique system.

Before mobile offices had the auto desk the laptop would ride on the center console or passenger seat, and possibly become a flying missile if the brakes were applied. The safety of the laptop is then compromised, and the cost of replacement will be substantially higher than the initial cost of the mounting system. The desktop can swing out of the way of the airbags, and the operator doesn’t have to twist around to use their computer so there is less chance of missed man-hours due to strain or injury. Another feature is being able to stand outside the vehicle on the passenger side and still be able to use the laptop.

Computer truck desks have endured many years of rigorous testing in industries ranging from service and utility companies, construction, Oil Field, Police, Law Enforcement to name a few. The F 250 Enforcer Desk can be used for years and provide a unique mobile office in your Super Duty and provide incredible value. The Enforcer II for the F-250, F-350, F-440 and F-550 is the strongest, most durable Super Duty truck desk on the market, designed for those who must have the best tools to tackle the toughest jobs.

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